Aindreas Scholz

Using both 19th-century and modern photographic techniques,
I aim to innovate in terms of sustainable photographic printing
practices and processes considering the emerging climate crisis,
and to push technical, creative as well as conceptual boundaries.
I create images in response to specific sites and my practice concerns
the connections between humans, non-humans, nature, and the wider environment.

I investigate processes of deep time in terms of geology; and immediate
impulses caused by adverse weather phenomena and a warming climate. Recording
change is crucial to my practice and I try to make that evident in all my images.

I work in collaboration with the elements at each site, whether sea
water, rain, or plant specimens. Sunlight, silt and soil help me create
an inner world that connects to my viewers. I like my work to stimulate
conversations which I engage with, and that enable me to develop as an individual.


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