Aindreas Scholz

Through the fusion of 19th-century and contemporary photographic techniques,
my artistic endeavours seek to pioneer sustainable printing practices amid the
burgeoning climate crisis while relentlessly exploring the limits of technical,
creative, and conceptual realms. Every image I create is a nuanced response to
specific sites, intricately weaving narratives that delve into the interconnectedness
between humans, non-humans, and the broader environment.

My exploration delves into the concept of deep time, rooted in geological processes,
juxtaposed against the immediacy of weather phenomena and the repercussions of a warming
climate. Central to my practice is the imperative to document change, a thematic thread
woven intricately into every visual narrative, echoing the urgency of our evolving world.

Collaboration with the elements becomes a pivotal aspect of my creative process, whether
it be the immersion in sea water, the patter of rain, or the delicate nature of plant
specimens. Sunlight, silt, and soil are not mere components but integral forces shaping an
inner world within my images, forging a visceral connection with the viewers.

I aspire for my work to transcend mere observation, sparking conversations that I actively
engage with, fostering a continuous evolution both as an artist and an individual. In this
symbiotic relationship between art and environment, my images become catalysts for dialogue,
prompting reflection and contributing to a broader discourse on our collective responsibility
in the face of environmental transformation.


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